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The trusted resource for budding enthusiasts and advanced professionals alike

This new hub of gemological information serves as a leading authority on color gemstones and the trusted resource for budding enthusiasts and advanced professionals alike. From loose gemstones to mineral specimens, we have everything the gem enthusiast, novice collector, and jewelry designer could want or need.

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With a multimedia approach, offers a vast assortment of engaging content, including articles from authorities around the globe on topics ranging from current market trends, gemstone history and lore, chemistry and crystallography.

In addition, our Gemopedia™, a catalogue of over 400 gemstone species, offers a wealth of gem information, including physical, chemical, and optical property details for each species, plus multiple photos, videos, and an in-depth overview. 

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Join us in this global community and unearth a prosperous gem journey for your business. is the exclusive loose gemstone vendor on Jedora, the new online marketplace for jewelry, gemstones, and watches.

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